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by William Dewan Burns

We are Botswana Trek!

Botswana Trek and “The Big Five-O”

Botswana Trek LLC grows out of William Burns’ passion for Botswana’s wild untouched wilderness, pristine ecosystems, scenic beauty, and abundance of wildlife in one of the most scenically spectacular wildlife areas anywhere in the world.

This growing inbound safari tour company specializes in Authentic Botswana Safaris with the best in-country guides in the heart of the heralded, wilderness and wildlife areas of Botswana. “We focus on culture, wildlife, and adventure.”  With the hand-picked Big-Five-Operators, curated over time, William has created a one-of-a-kind impressive Portfolio. In addition, William can travel with clients as a tour guide by bookending the safari experience and smoothing the entry and exit of travelers into and out of Africa while keeping the logistical wheels rolling.  “That Can Be Arranged”

Five-O  (Our Five Botswana Operators and Guides)

1. Royale Wilderness Safari
2. Desert & Delta Safaris
3. Safari Elite
4. Extremely Wild Safaris
5. Dawn Till Dusk Safaris

At Botswana Trek, we cater to our client’s tastes and desires, and their levels of comfort and budget. Whether your interests are wildlife or culture, birdlife or photography, please talk to us to design your life adventure. There will be plenty for you to see and experience, and Botswana rarely disappoints, as we will match you with the right Safari Outfit.

Royale Wilderness Safaris

Royale Wilderness is a mobile safari outfit based in Maun Botswana, established by Johnny and Natasha Ramsden, in 2012. Their experience in the industry dates back over 24 years of successfully leading safari excursions into Botswana’s wild wilderness areas.


Royale Wilderness
Royale Wilderness


“Johnny and Tasha are fantastic and committed to making your dreams come true.  Tasha runs the whole operation at the base in Maun, keeping the wheels turning while Johnny and the Safari team is looking after Guests on safari.”

“Good enough for Nelson Mandela.  Good enough for me.”  WDB

II.  Desert and Delta Safaris

Desert & Delta Safaris

The newest to Botswana Trek, yet most established provider of eight luxury safari lodges based in Maun Botswana, offers spectacular game viewing opportunities that allow you to get up close and personal with some of nature’s biggest personalities. Desert & Delta Safaris owns and operates eight lodges in both Botswana and Namibia. These properties, located predominantly within Botswana’s famous game reserves and national parks, offer an unrivaled safari experience.

Established in 1982, Desert & Delta Safaris’ portfolio brings together some of Botswana’s most historic and iconic lodges: Chobe Game Lodge, Chobe Savanna Lodge, Savute Safari Lodge, Camp Moremi, Camp Xakanaxa, Camp Okavango, Xugana Island Lodge and Leroo La Tau. Owing to their location, these lodges offer a diverse safari experience while providing the personalized service for which Desert & Delta Safaris is renowned. This is indeed the best safari circuit in Botswana.

“Desert and Delta are well established in Botswana’s safari industry offering a luxurious way to travel.  They have an adaptive program that makes safari available to those with physical challenges and at their Chobe Game Lodge use electric safari vehicle.” WDB

III.  Safari Elite

Safari Elite
That Can Be Arranged

This safari outfit based in Maun and Etsha 6 Botswana, was founded by one of Botswana’s elite guides, Kgaogano “Seagal Tembwe.” Seagal has twenty-five good years of guiding tourists from around the world. Safari Elite is an operator to trust when it comes to African wildlife and the wilderness experience.



“We have listened carefully to what tourists like and want to see during the short time of their holidays, as such we customize every safari package put together for our guests.” Seagal

“Kgaogano “Seagal” Tembwe of Safari Elite is one of my oldest compatriots, going back to Etsha Village, our shared home village.  Seagal is one of the most exceptional guides in the country.  He is an expert in every sense of the word.  A true born-to-be-a-safari-guide friend. This town he’s from seems to breed safari guides.”

The business tagline for Botswana Trek comes from Seagal on our very first trip in 2006:”

“That Can Be Arranged” WD Burns

IV.  Extremely Wild Safari

Extremely wild safaris (PTY) Ltd, established in 2010 by a passionate owner tour guide, who has a deep love for nature & wildlife. Born & bred in Maun, home of the Okavango Delta, the owner has a wealth of experience in interpreting

Isa Satheba Jackson
Extremely Wild

flora and fauna species to nature lovers. We offer Mokoro “dugout” excursions into the magnificent Okavango Delta and tented mobile safaris throughout Botswana. We have various itineraries created to suit all tastes, levels of comfort and budget. Whether your interests are wildlife or culture, birdlife or photography, please talk to us to design your life adventure.


“Isa is a young and talented guide that has earned the respect of the older guides on the circuit with his tracking skills and knowledge.  Isa shares his talents with me freely and together we have had some great sightings to share with our guests.  I expect he’s only going to get better and better.  We work as a team out there.” WD Burns

V.  Dawn Till Dusk Safaris

Dawn Till Dusk

Frans Kampmans’ Dawn till Dusk Safaris’ aim is simple – To provide tailor-made, customised tours that suit your needs as an individual. No matter whether you are a solo traveler, small group or large tour we look to provide a very personal experience exploring the more “off the beaten track” areas this beautiful Continent has to offer. We cover Botswana well as well as 7 Southern African countries.


“Frans has a very easy-going demeanor and he shows a love for what he does.  A fantastic photographer and guide, Frans would make your safari a very personal experience, and at the end of it all, you would have a someone to call a friend.” WDB

“We also create custom itineraries for multi-Country Safaris from Namibia to Botswana, Botswana to Zambia and Zimbabwe.” WDB

"That Can Be Arranged"
William Dewan Burns

Debra Barbarick

“Words can’t do justice to my trip with Botswana Trek Safari. From the beginning, Bill organized us in a deeply personal and informative way. His love of the country and it’s people shine through everything he does. He did a great job in making our trip rich, comfortable, convenient and safe. He was patient and a great bridge between cultures.  I just felt so at home in Botswana. I couldn’t imagine traveling with anyone besides Bill and Johnny owner of Royal Wilderness Safari. Royal Wilderness was the perfect combination between rustic adventure and comfort! Sleeping snuggly and safely in my cozy tent in the middle of the Okavango Delta with Lions roaring close by was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. The efforts to provide us with the best game drives ever, the wealth of knowledge and how Johnny and our guide Isa nurtured all of our interests was just so generous! From grasses, to medicinal plants to trees, animals, birds and even stars to the history of the country we learned so much about the web of life in this wondrous place, this Eden of Africa!! I hope I go back many times. I am still dreaming of Botswana drinking my bush tea. And the food and wine….Fantastic!”

That Can Be Arranged


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