Maybe your paradigm needs some servicing. I recently booked a flight with Ethiopian Airlines, and saw they had a good record and great prices for my round trip jaunt from Rome to Johannesburg.  Here’s the reality. WDB Or how about Ethiopian Airlines? Here is another impoverished country surrounded by rugged terrain. Yet the record of its

We will hope to find new B2B Inbound Partners to add to our Botswana portfolio.  See you May 8th in Durban, South Africa.  Contact William Dewan Burns to set up a meeting. Africa’s largest travel trade show – A marketing drive to promote South Africa and the southern African region to the world. Source: Welcome

This leopard ambush footage captured 10 July 2011 in Savuti Botswana. At the 3 min 30 second mark, the male impala herds the last female in the path of the leopard, who then launched. Many positive results have come from this event for me.  Johnny Ramsden is credited with spotting this elusive cat. #NatGeoWild #BotswanaTrek #TravelMyHeart #Chobe