Camp Moremi is waiting for you to experience Botswana Luxury Safari.  Plan your safari with us and share this amazing place with your family, friends and all your loved ones. “Camp Moremi is nestled within the untouched Okavango Delta region in the Moremi Game Reserve of Botswana – it is a must see place and wilderness area like no other in the world. When I first set foot inside the Okavango, it was a magical experience for me. Designated as a World Heritage Site the camp add a touch of luxury to your African Dream Safari.

Moremi Game Reserve

Camp Moremi
Botswana Luxury Safari

Moremi Game Reserve covers the eastern one third of the Okavango Delta, in Northern Botswana. It was officially declared on the 15 March 1963. Unlike most of Africa’s large Parks and Game reserves, Moremi Game Reserve is unique in that it was formed by indigenous people of Ngamiland, and managed through the Fauna Conservation Society of Ngamiland, until 1979 when it was handed over to Botswana Government. It was because of a concern by both Tribesmen and resident Europeans that the indiscriminate hunting of wildlife by the great white hunters would bring a complete annihilation of wildlife species, that Moremi was formed.

Indeed, the name of the Reserve and the subsequent expansions in the 70s and 80s to include the Chiefs Island and Nqoga and Jao Rivers, was a further stamp to commitment, not only of the Ngamiland Royalty but that of a tribe with a vision and commitment to conservation. To date, Moremi Game Reserve covers a total area of 4,871 KM2.

Buffered by wildlife management areas, Moremi Game Reserve consists of permanent swamp, seasonal swamp areas and dry land. It is undoubtedly one of the most pristine wildlife destinations in Africa. The landscape also consists of Mopane forest and floodplains. In parts the Mopane trees grow to gigantic proportions, forming a cathedral of forest that dwarfs everything beneath it.

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