We will hope to find new B2B Inbound Partners to add to our Botswana portfolio.  See you May 8th in Durban, South Africa.  Contact William Dewan Burns to set up a meeting. Africa’s largest travel trade show – A marketing drive to promote South Africa and the southern African region to the world. Source: Welcome

Things that truly matter.  Good news. In China, a culture of environmental awareness is breaking through the smog. And leading the charge is He Qiaonv, one of the country’s wealthiest women and most ardent conservationists. This Saturday, Oct. 14, in Monaco, He Qiaonv will announce the first step in a $1.5 billion plan that may

March/April are great times to see wildlife and enjoy the greener landscape of Botswana nearing the end of the rainy season.  Lows in the 60s and Highs in the 90’s make for a warm but not too warm safari.  We have a special trip going from Victoria Falls to Maun, Botswana. 3 nights in Chobe

For the many Guests that have come to Botswana in the past, designing your own program becomes the thing. Knowing just what you want and what amount of time to spend in those wonderful places of interest. We take a lot of pleasure in working with our Guests to come up with suitable programs, advising

The safari season starts in March after the summer rains. For the most part the weather is dry and warm, but it does get cold in June and July particularly in the evenings. It is important to bring appropriate clothes depending on the time of the season. Below is a guideline of what to bring:

If you want to get involved locally to create awareness regarding the scourge upon elephants and rhinos and African wildlife in general, please get involved.  There’s one drop in a waterfall, that’s how it starts. March For Elephants and Rhinos WHAT WE DO We advocate for the survival of elephants and rhinos by working to