Government-managed national parks and game reserves are increasingly buffered by community-owned conservancies and privately managed wildlife concessions which help to protect wildlife while providing a steady flow of income into local communities. By choosing high-end lodges and camps that are modeled on a successful low-impact, high-revenue tourism formula, you’ll know that your tourism dollars are

Bill Burns visit with Desert & Delta Safaris @desertdelta @BotswanaTrek “The Delta” of Desert & Delta Safaris Camp Okavango – Part 2 Go on Safari in Botswana with Desert and Delta in Botswana’s Okavango Delta Camp Okavango Our FAM Posse was now poised to move on and say goodbye to the staff. From the landing

Maybe your paradigm needs some servicing. I recently booked a flight with Ethiopian Airlines, and saw they had a good record and great prices for my round trip jaunt from Rome to Johannesburg.  Here’s the reality. WDB Or how about Ethiopian Airlines? Here is another impoverished country surrounded by rugged terrain. Yet the record of its

Long Distance flights are demanding on your body. Bargain flights may come at a cost physically when you fly coach and have long layovers. Make the best of it by taking your time to get to your African destination. Flying from the West Coast to Europe then to Johannesburg, then another 2 hours to Botswana

Things that truly matter.  Good news. In China, a culture of environmental awareness is breaking through the smog. And leading the charge is He Qiaonv, one of the country’s wealthiest women and most ardent conservationists. This Saturday, Oct. 14, in Monaco, He Qiaonv will announce the first step in a $1.5 billion plan that may

Zikomo Safari is helping to fight poaching in Zambia by providing the necessary tools and manpower to halt the scourge upon Africa’s unparalled wildlife. @BotswanaTrek  is proud to partner with them.  Tony Huntstiger is leading the anti-poaching fundraising.  Check them out online. #ThingsThatMatter Zikomo Safari is a Zambian Eco Hotel in the Nsefu sector of

We are proud to announce our expansion into Zambia as part of a multi-country safari with Victoria Falls to occupy the mid safari adventure.  From Botswana to Zambia and then some.  #BotswanaTrek Awarded The Best Safari Experience In Africa, Norman Carr Safaris Has been Operating Since 1950 And Is Unrivalled In Africa. Source: Norman Carr

New Partners in Safari As we grow, so does our reach into the terra-firma across the borders of Botswana and further on up the road.  We would like to thank our new partners and operators on the ground in Zambia. All of these companies have a strong conservation ethos. Plan your Botswana/Zambia safari now!  “That