My Botswana Trek.

My moment came when I was transported to a world of which I had only dreamt.  It was much like time travel, yet this moment was real as it gets. There were no roads, just the trails of flattened floodplain grasses we used to find our way back out to the village of Gumare. We shared space with dazzling herds of Zebra and Elephants, Hippos, Lions and stunning birds. I remember the spine-tingling moment when I heard lions from inside my tent.  Who can sleep after that?

From these first enduring experiences and discoveries I developed a passion for the country, as well as a deep drive to share this experience with others.  People are deeply touched by the experience of discovering this magnificent place.

I feel it is my responsibility to share Botswana with others and to help ensure that Botswana remains one of Africa’s great natural wonders.

William Dewan Burns



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