Private and Group

Mobile Safaris

What really is a Mobile Safari?

A mobile safari is a tented camping safari that travels with you.  Safari-goers travel in a four-wheel drive vehicle, (Typically Toyota Land Cruisers fully kitted for safari.)  Mobile Safaris may move from camp to camp with a 2 to a 3-night stay in each mobile camp. These camped are packed up and move with you, in style. Don’t confuse this with an overland tour, a mobile safari is usually a small group booked as a private safari or group safari and a highly skilled guide traveling with you every step of the way.

The camps are set up typically a day ahead of your arrival or even two to three hours ahead of your arrival. Botswana Trek makes sure that for each guest, there’s a staff member assigned to each person or couple. Camp staff includes a very skilled cook and talented staff that makes the experience pleasant. They will also take care of most of your laundry needs. The tents are 3×3 Meter en-suite with bucket showers, hot water and you can upgrade with a larger Meru style tent for more room for you and yours.  These tents are quite comfortable and kept tidy by our staff.

Botswana is a mobile safari dream.

Botswana holds private campsites in prime locations for Botswana mobile operators, not available to the self-drive public.  BOGA and HATAB sites come at a premium and fall under Botswana’s Sustainable Tourism Guidelines for a low volume greater value approach to tourism. private campsites. This means that there will only be one group in the campsite as opposed to the public campsites where there are a number of designated sites.  Seeing wildlife without the throngs of people around a single attraction is as intimate as it gets.

The intimate encounters with wildlife, the untouched wilderness and the ability to set up camp in these remote wilderness areas are what safaris are all about.  You may feel as if you are seeing wildlife as it was 100 years ago. Botswana had done this right. Your camp will be in a remote area where there will be multiple sighting of wildlife and plenty of time to soak it up. Botswana mobile safaris have all the right ingredients for a very memorable lifetime experience.

Highly Qualified Guides

The safari guides on mobile safaris have to be more experienced than most camp or lodge based guides.  There are many exceptions although you are not going to see too many new safari guides leading a mobile safari. Knowledgeable and passionate are the mobile guides, this is their lifestyle and they love sharing their world with you.  They care about the wilderness and they are aware that for many of you, this is the trip of a lifetime and they work extremely hard at making sure they can send you home with stories to share with your grandchildren.