Some recent feedback from a Honeymoon Couple – Laura and Ryan

A Honeymoon Safari From Laura and Ryan…

Going on safari is one of those experiences in life that I can honestly say that everyone should get to enjoy.  How fortunate for us to spend our honeymoon on such a terrific adventure, and be moved by the magnificence of the animals and the awe they can inspire.

Ryan and Laura on their honeymoon safari.

Bill with Botswana Trek Safari did an amazing job of making sure we were not only prepared, but that all the loose ends that we could possibly think of, or would never think of ourselves, were taken care of.  From what to bring, and maybe even more importantly what not to bring, to all the tips a knowledgeable safari expert could provide to make sure that the journey was not just life-changing, but taken with all imaginable comforts. 

It can be daunting to travel to foreign countries, and Bill was kind enough to take the time to explain the culture, thoroughly map out a detailed itinerary of what we would be doing and what to expect, and provide tips and advice on what to do with the time that we had more to ourselves, namely pre and post safari.  Bill also made sure he was available in the few instances we had cell service (yes, you’ll be off the grid, and you’ll LOVE it) in case we had questions and just to check in.  It was a nice comfort to know that we had that connection stateside still, just in case.

From the moment we arrived in Maun, everything was taken care of for us.  Transportation waited for us and took us to the pre-Safari time, which was two nights at the Island Safari Lodge. The staff was extremely pleasant and were able to take care of any needs we had.  We had an extremely comfortable room and enjoyed speaking with other safari adventurers about their plans and experiences. 

Bill’s advice as far as setting expectations for what we would see on the safari was simple: go expecting to see things, but don’t expect to see anything in particular and you won’t be disappointed.  We heeded this advice as we set off and had no idea what was in store for us.

Our guide on safari through Royale Wilderness Safari was Johnny Ramsden, who operated the outfit.  Johnny picked us up to begin the main part of our safari, which was the 6-night package in the Okavango Delta. We wanted for nothing.  All of our meals were delicious and amazing. 

Johnny picked his staff very selectively, and it showed in everything that was prepared for us.  Never did I expect so much pampering while planning to “rough it” on safari.  It takes clamping to a whole new level.  Comfortable cots made fresh every day upon our return.  Warm showers when we wanted them.  Meals fit for royalty and a friendly and accommodating staff.  Our tents were kept clean for us, and all we had to do each day was wake up, eat, enjoy watching game, rest, eat more, drink what we wanted, and learn about the culture and beauty that is Maun.

As for wildlife, we adhered to the advice of not setting expectations, and neither of us had any idea what we are exactly in for.  Everything we could have expected, and so much more.  Our guide was not only superbly knowledgeable about the animals, their behaviors, etc. but we also got a deeper understanding of the culture of Botswana.  Johnny was more than willing to answer all of our questions, share his experiences, and was a major factor in making our own experience truly memorable.

We cannot thank Bill enough for his attention and assistance before during and even after our safari. His tips and advice really helped to make a difference in making sure we were not only prepared for what was ahe , but how to truly make sure we got the most we could out of the safari experience.  Botswana Trek Safari surely knows how to put their customer first in creating the adventure of a lifetime. 

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