Romance goes on Safari in Botswana

Bill’s Lagoon Romance

Botswana is the destination of romance where if you so dare, you can drop that proposal right on your significant other.  I proposed to my girlfriend at a beautiful lagoon nearing sunset, which just so happened to have two elephants in the background for some pachydermal ambiance.  My girlfriend had no idea it was coming,  In fact, my friend Johnny our safari guide and I had planned it for months.  It was one of the most amazing moments in my life.  I am also grateful to have shared it with some good friends.  We still go by the lagoon in Khwai, Johnny now calls Bill’s Lagoon.  I’ll take it!  So, we know a little about how to pull off something very special for those who dare to be shot down in flames or to tie the binds of love.  No risk, no reward, right.

Reach out if we just triggered your romantic side.  There are many ways to put this together.  Take the time to do it right and really plan your safari with us. Botswana is a very popular destination that requires some long-range forethought.  A Botswana Safari is something you will never ever forget, and in fact, you will probably come back again.


Romantic Places

Featuring beautiful Botswana and Jacks Camp, Botswana Trek can put the romantic in your safari.  Reach out to us and we will begin the process.

Suggested Spots

  • Khwai Concession at Bill’s Lagoon
  • Chobe National Park
  • The Okavango Delta
  • The Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe, just across the border.

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Source: Most romantic places to visit around the world | CNN Travel

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