Royale Wilderness is the standard for Mobile Luxury Safari in Botswana.  Born and bred, a local and a Professional Organization run by Natasha and Johnny Ramsden make safari dreams come true.  It’s my honor to be the US Agent and Tour Guide that bookends each magnificent safari they create for their guests.

Natasha is the unsung hero and the maestro behind the scenes making sure that everything is done right down to the last detail. A difficult task done with style, grace and love.

Johnny is an incredible guide, who goes into great detail in describing the wildlife, culture and the place that Botswana holds as one of the bright lights in Africa for her peaceful, stable democracy and leadership in wildlife conservation. Guests are blown away when they return home to tell me what a life-changing experience it was.

Royale Wilderness, A mobile tented safari right in the heart of Botswana, unlike any other.  Johnny and Natasha, I am proud to say, I call them my dear friends.

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Source: Botswana Trek

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