Recently a nice couple we met at the San Francisco Bay Area Travel and Adventure Show booked a safari with us.  They journeyed a 4 lodge itinerary ending at Victoria Falls, Zambia.  Each lodge has a magic of its own and we arrange them like a four-course feast, it just depends on what you like for dessert.  We highlight this one in Savute, located inside Botswana’s Chobe National Park, it has been the stage for Nat Geo’s Savage Kingdom series.

Here is what Eric and Sandy had to say after returning home to California:

This place was amazing!  We both fell in love with the Savute Marsh.  We’d love to see it after the water has flowed through it.  Our guide was the legendary Baba.  It was obvious all the other guides deferred to him and we always had the prime viewing area.  He was a great guide and we learned a lot from him.  The food at the camp was good and we enjoyed our private dinner.  Thanks again for arranging it.


That can be arranged……… @Botswanatrek


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