For the many Guests that have come to Botswana in the past, designing your own program becomes the thing. Knowing just what you want and what amount of time to spend in those wonderful places of interest. We take a lot of pleasure in working with our Guests to come up with suitable programs, advising on the best times of the year, connecting the Guests with specific experts to fulfill our Guest’s desires in and about the Natural world.

Botswana Trek and Royale Wilderness Safari work with only the best Nature Guides and experts on Botswana destinations. If it is that you choose a Tailor-Made program, contact our Agents for best advice, and assistance in booking the relevant areas of your interest.

Tailor-Made DIY Safaris by nature can be set for any time of the year, given the Guests interests and specialties. Wetter times (November –December) being great for birding and the best General wildlife being in the much drier months. It is thus, that we consult to create the best program, and advice for optimum results.

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