is part of an age-old slogan that ancient Batswana poets used to chant as a symbol of national pride:
“Re Bana Ba Thari-E-Ntsho!”, “Bana Ba Mmala Wa Sebilo”
“We are children of the black leather strap – used to carry babies – Children of Black Lead! “

Many people who travel to Botswana on Safari may not get to really have a truly authentic experience and they may not even know what they missed.  Introducing Bonty Botumile!  Bonty is an energetic voice among the wonderful people of Botswana.  Bonty has worked hard to keep Botswana’s multi-faceted cultural heritage alive by sharing stories passed down from generation to generation in the form of her award-winning career as an author and the development of her performing arts troupe she has created with young people in her community. We are lucky enough to learn so much more than most people who come to visit Botswana.

We get more than one side of the coin.  Bonty and company have created a venue to entertain guests from her community and travellers from around the world as she provides a wonderful introduction to Botswana’s cultural heritage before we even begin our safari.

Book a #Botswana Safari with us and visit Bonty before we head out into the bush.  You will not regret it.

That Can Be Arranged,

William Dewan Burns

Source: http://www.botswanastories.com/about.html

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