We are Botswana Trek Safari!

Botswana Trek Photographic Safari and Adventure grow out of William Burns’ passion for Botswana’s wild, untouched wilderness, pristine ecosystems, scenic beauty, and abundance of wildlife in one of the most scenically spectacular wildlife areas anywhere in the world.  “I felt it was necessary to differentiate our business by adding “Photographic” to our name.  We shoot only pictures and leave only memories.  This growing inbound safari tour company specializes in Authentic Botswana Safaris with the best in-country guides in the heart of the heralded wilderness and wildlife areas of Botswana.

“We focus on culture, wildlife, and adventure.”  With the hand-picked Big-Five-Operators, curated over time, William has created a one-of-a-kind impressive Portfolio.

Debra Barbarick

“Words can’t do justice to my trip with Botswana Trek Safari. From the beginning, Bill organized us in a deeply personal and informative way. His love of the country and its people shine through everything he does. Bill did a great job in making our trip rich, comfortable, convenient and safe. He was patient and a great bridge between cultures.  I just felt so at home in Botswana. I couldn’t imagine traveling with anyone besides Bill and Johnny owner of Royal Wilderness Safari. Royal Wilderness was the perfect combination of rustic adventure and comfort! Sleeping snuggly and safely in my cozy tent in the middle of the Okavango Delta with Lions roaring close by was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. I hope I go back many times. I am still dreaming of Botswana drinking my bush tea. And the food and wine, fantastic!”

That Can Be Arranged

William Dewan Burns